Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park (SSCIP)

Located in the South Park of Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT), the 10.34 km2 SSCIP is the first iconic integrated urban hi-tech innovation park project jointly invested by Singapore and Sichuan Province, China. It is also an important international exchange window and innovation platform for Chengdu. SSCIP strives to achieve the vision of “The World, in One City” through seamlessly integrating innovation, ecology and cultural elements. By attracting global hi-tech innovative enterprises and talents, SSCIP will become Chengdu’s engine for reform and opening up, exchange, integration and innovation.

SSCIP is easy accessible via a well-connected transport network which includes 3 metro lines, 4 horizontal and 4 vertical roads, and a comprehensive public bus services network. It is strategically located and only within a 30 minutes’ drive from the old city center, the new Chengdu center (the CBD of the Tianfu New Area) and the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. Adhering to Singapore’s "City in a Garden" ideologies, SSCIP is designed by first-class urban planning and design agencies from the US, UK, Singapore and China, while taking reference from successful urban development projects around the world. SSCIP has plenty of high-end residence and talent apartments, comprehensive business amenities and basic infrastructure, rich cultural and leisure facilities and public spaces, as well as unique ecological landscape. These provide the talents living and working in SSCIP with a high quality and convenient lifestyle.

SSCIP focuses on attracting innovation enterprise in the fields of Electronic Information, Life Sciences and New Economy. Tapping on the advanced industry development, master planning and management experiences in Singapore; as well as the rich resources and strong industry capabilities in Chengdu, SSCIP enables these international and local companies to enjoy the best of both worlds. So far, 34 companies including Fortune 500 companies, leading innovation enterprises, listed companies and dynamic start-ups, have set up their headquarters and R&D centers in SSCIP. Companies such as OPPO, Inspur Group, Founder Tech, TRS Info Tech, SuperMap Software, Bluedon Information, Gotech, Skymoons, Medtronic, Haisco Pharmaceutical, Chipscreen Biosciences, Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical serve catalytic roles in forming key industry platforms and attracting more industry players to be part of the industry ecosystem. SSCIP also has 2 large-scale incubation parks –AI International Hub and Biomedicine Innovation Incubation Park. According to their unique needs and requirements, SMEs can set up their presence in the 2 incubation parks. Thereafter, they will be able to enjoy the facilities and services SSCIP provides for enterprises. The AI International Innovation Center also houses the Singapore Innovation Center, which provides office spaces for Singaporean companies to settle in Chengdu High-tech Zone, forming an industrial clustering effect.


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