Translational R&D Institutions

64 R&D institutes / universities
8 national / provincial labs
16 national / provincial engineering research centers / enterprises’ technology centers
2 national non-drug clinical trial centers
8 national new drug clinical trial bases

Pre-clinical Animal Breeding & GLP Centers

WestChina-Frontier PharmaTech / National (Chengdu) Center for Safety Evaluation of Drugs
The largest and the only medical examination center in China fully certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Meishan National NHP Breeding Base State-level pharmacodynamic evaluation base Largestintegrated breeding & research facility for Rhesus Macaques in China

Sichuan Primed Bio-Tech Group Largest
clear-genetic-background Rhesus Macaques breeding center in China Population size: > 3000
More than 10 self-developed non-human primates and rodent disease models

Hospitals & GCP Centers

578 hospitals in Chengdu, with 128 million outpatient visits and 3.92 million hospitalizations annually

West China School of Medicine / West China Hospital, Sichuan University
China's Top 1 Hospital in R&D and Top 2 in omprehensive Strength

One of the world’s largest single site hospitals with over 5,000 beds, outpatient visits: 5 million / year

The examination center offers 594 testing items & examines over 13,000 samples daily

The clinical Biological Resource Center owns over 1 million paraffin preserved specimens & 30,000 fresh tumor tissue samples

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