Industry Capability

Among the top 5 software cities in China
National base for software industry
Business revenue generated by the electronic information industry reached RMB 6,393 billion in 2017,ranked 1st in Midwest China.
There are 120 enterprises with annual revenue above RMB 20 million in CDHT’s electronic information industry, with total output value of RMB 251.57 billion and growth rate of 16.9% (2017).
>1/2 global ipads assembled
>1/2 global notebook CPU manufactured

CDHT——China’s New Silicon Valley An International Garden City

At present, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone has more than 1,000 software companies. Brandname companies such as Dell, Lenovo and Foxconn, and dozens of supporting companies are based here, with production capacity of more than 50 million computer units. Chengdu Hi-tech Zone has also taken the lead in publishing the IoT industry development plan to promote the formation of a more comprehensive industry support system.

Chengdu Hi-tech Zone will innovate the regional cooperation management system and mechanism, crystallize the electronic information industry chain, implement precise investment promotion, build a collaborative innovation platform with the Electronic Science and Technology University, in order to strive to build a world-class “China’s New Silicon Valley and International Garden City”.

Chengdu Hi-tech Zone will focus on the development of 5 key industries: integrated circuits, new displays, smart terminals, network communications, and the new economy (based on new generation information technology).

Electronic Information Industry Development Plan of CDHT

1、Accelerate the development of an integrated circuit industry ecosystem based on FD-SOI. By 2022, the total accumulated investment of supporting projects in the industry chain will exceed RMB 50 billion.
2、Develop an electro-optical display industry ecosystem based on the BOE AM-OLED production line, and build a global new display R&D and manufacturing base. By 2022, the total accumulated investment of supporting projects in the industry chain will exceed RMB 70 billion.
3、Develop an intelligent terminal industry ecosystem led by companies like Foxconn and Dell, and build a first-class national intelligent terminal industry base.
4、Build a communications R&D service industry cluster leveraging on Huawei and Electronic Science and Technology University.
5、Develop new economy based on new generation information technology.

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