Experts from Singapore and China Share on financial technology in Singapore-Sichuan Digital Economy Conference


On September 14, 2018, as one of the series of activities of the 19th meeting of the Singapore-Sichuan Trade and Investment Committee, the first “Singapore-Sichuan Digital Economy Conference” was held in Chengdu. The conference was hosted by Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau, Singapore Enterprise Development Bureau, Chengdu High-tech Zone, and organized by Sino-Singapore (Chengdu) Innovation Park Development Co., Ltd., co-organized by Chengdu New Economic Development Research Institute, iTechBlack, Chain Club, Juxing Interactive. It attracted more than 150 attendees from China and Singapore, including experts, scholars and business representatives. People shared the development of digital economy, paid attention to the development of SSCIP. The conference further upgraded China-Singapore cooperation.

Experts and scholars in the digital finance industry in China and Singapore launched keynote speeches and round-table dialogues focusing on the development of the financial technology field and how to help Chengdu develop the digital economy. At the meeting, the views were varied, and the atmosphere was warm. Chen Guanghao, Director of the Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau, He Zhixuan, Director of the China Department of the Singapore Enterprise Development Bureau, and Chen Hongtao, Deputy Director of the Chengdu High-tech Zone Management Committee, delivered speeches respectively. Dr. Yan Li, Professor of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, delivered a keynote speech titled “Singapore Financial Technology Application”. Tan Lei, professor of Software College, Fudan University, and Tan Lei, CIO of China Industry Design Association, presented speech with the title of “China Blockchain Technology Development Status and Industry” Application".

In the roundtable session, Chen Chen, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Investment Service Bureau of Chengdu High-tech Zone, Ou Fufu, director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Singapore Management University, Xie Fulai, president of the Singapore Financial Technology Association, and Mao Hang, general manager of the Information Technology Department of Xinwang Bank discussed about "How to Help Chengdu Develop Digital Finance Industry" in depth.


▲the first “Singapore-Sichuan Digital Economy Conference”

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